Black Dog Phyto Max 600

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  • Description

At 630 actual watts and 961 μMol/s total photon flux, the patent-pending PhytoMAX-2 600 LED lights for growing will outperform any single-ended 1000W HPS light. With PhytoMAX-2 we have delivered the most powerful and reliable, truly full-spectrum (365-750nm, UV to NIR) LED plant grow lights! The PhytoMAX-2 600 uses only the highest-quality, latest-technology, top-bin LEDs to deliver Black Dog LED's proprietary full-cycle evenly over the entire footprint, with unprecedented PAR levels, canopy penetration and yields!

  • 630 watts drawn from the wall
  • Out performs any 1000w HID on the market
  • Perfect for 1.5x1.5m to 2.0x2.0m room depending on height. 
  • Massive canopy penetration 
  • Made in Colorado USA
  • Commercial LED

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