Black Dog Phytomax 2 - 400

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  • Description
  • In stock and in NZ
  • Made and Designed in Colorado USA. 
  • Commercial quality
  • Amazing quality
  • Actual 420w being drawn from the wall total LED power 840w
  • Bigger yield than 600 HPS using 35% less electricity
  • Average return on investment 6 to 12 months. 
  • Every top BIN LED chip by Osram and CREE
  • Large 1.3x1.3m coverage
  • Out performs CMH, HPS and MH lighting options
  • Contains no mercury 
  • Industry leading 5 Year Warranty
  • Max Veg footprint 1.6x1.6m
  • Max Bloom Footprint 1.3x1.3m
  • True full spectrum with UVA and IR 365-750 nm.
  • Unprecedented PAR readings.
  • 641 umols total photon flux
  • 30 inch Flowering height
  • 30 inch Vegging height
  • UL, CE and ETL listed components
  • 6 years of R and D to develop this light to this point. 
  • 10.9kg Light
  • 40x40x10cm 
  • 168 x 5w LEDS
  • 2.4m long cord
  • Due to the commercial nature of the LED we strongly recommend CO2 use for interplanetary yields!
  • LAND Early January.
  • Suggested tent 1.2x1.2x2.0m
  • We have seen massive yields before but this is Stunning!

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