Canna Calmag Agent 1ltr

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  • Description

      • With varying water quality throughout Australia and New Zealand and more and more people using Reversed Osmosis water on COCO substrates, Canna have created thé solution to your soft water problems: CANNA CALMAG AGENT.
      • 3 year shelf life
      • Perfected for use on coco
      • Stabilizing the pH of your water
      • Fewer deficiencies in calcium and magnesium
      • Enhanced nutrient uptake
      • Stronger plants
      • Stimulates better quality flowers
      • Increases the EC of your water
      1. Mix your desired nutrients in the tank first
      2. Mix in the additives to be used such as CANNABOOSTRHIZOTONICCANNAZYM and, or PK13/14
      3. Add CANNA CALMAG to the nutrient mix as last following these guidelines:
      4. Dosage: Depending on water quality, softness and target plant, use 5 - 10 ml / 10 litres.
      5. Keep in mind that a stable pH is also temperature dependent.
      6. The nutrient solution can be applied directly after mixing but wait 24-48 hours before doing any pH adjustment to allow correct buffering of your solution.


      • Be careful when using a pH Up (+) as CANNA CALMAG AGENT will first drop in pH and rise over the course of the next 24–48 hours

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