Canna Terra Flores 10L

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  • Description
  • For use in Terra Professional Medium.
    • For Flowering or Fruiting plants
    • 10L 1 part solution
    • Shake well before use
    • Dissolve 5ml of Terra Vega per 1L of water (1:200)
    • The EC of Terra Vega dissolved in (tap) water should vary between 0.9 - 1.6 mS (=solution EC + water EC)
    • The recommended pH is 5.8 - 6.2
    • When growing intensively, feed the plant regularly with the solution
    • When growing in less fertile soil, use solution daily
    • Use solution 1-3 times a week when using a fertile soil
    • It is recommended to grow in well-aerated potting mix.

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