Nanolux 1000w MAXPAR 4K DE Bulb

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  • Description

  • 4K bulb for vegetative and blooming plants.
  • High Frequency/High Output Pulse Start DE MH lamp MH lamps are required to be either open fixture rated or the lamp has to be installed in a luminaire with a protective glass shield. Nanolux MaxPar DE MH lamps use their exclusive patent pending secondary outer jacket design. Nanolux Max Par DE MH lamps use an outer jacket of Borosilicate glass to meet the requirements for rating as an O-type lamp as per the USA National Electric Code 410.73(F)(5) and ANSI standard C78.387. Under MRA they are approved for use in NZ. 
    • Best use with ballasts designed to work with 400V DE lamps. 
    • Inner quartz arc tube with outer Borosilicate protective jacket CRI of 65
    Warning: Always use eye and skin protection when working with HID MH lamps to protect yourself from UV output.


    Metal halide lamps use quartz arc tubes, which operate at high pressures and extremely high temperatures (as high as 1832°F, 1000°C). These arc tubes can rupture unexpectedly due to internal causes or external factors. If the outer jacket of the lamp shatters, the hot quartz arc tube particles and outer jacket glass particles will be discharged against the luminaire's enclosure or into the environment. Many metal halide lamps require an enclosed metal halide luminaire designed to contain particles in the event of an arc tube rupture. Enclosed metal halide luminaires must comply with UL 1572. "UL Standard for Safety for High Intensity Discharge Lighting Fixtures."

    The NEC (USA National Electric Code) clearly outlines these requirements.

    What is the NEC? The NEC is administered by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and is revised every three years. The current NEC standard is currently available from the NFPA at

    What changed in the NEC? The NEC change regarding open luminaires is the new section 410.73(F)(5) that states, "Metal Halide Lamp Containment. Luminaires (fixtures) that use a metal halide lamp shall be provided with a containment barrier that encloses the lamp, or shall be provided with a physical means that only allows the use of a lamp that is Type O."

    Therefore, to meet the NEC requirements, luminaires that use metal halide lamps must either:
    • be installed in an enclosed fixture to provide a containment barrier.
    • If used in an open fixture use a lamp which meets ANSI Type O rated MH lamp specs

    ANSI Type E = Enclosed Fixture Required

    Lamps that are enclosed fixture rated should only be operated in an enclosed fixture that safely contains all lamp parts in the event of a lamp burst or rupture. These lamps operate at a high internal pressure and at high temperatures which can emit harmful ultraviolet light if the outer glass bulb is broken. A lamp may burst causing physical injury and property damage unless protective safety glass is used with the fixture. Must use a fixture that meets requirements per UL standard #1572 and #1598.

    ANSI Type O = Open Fixture Rated

    Lamps that are open fixture rated are suitable for operation in open fixture designs. These types of lamps typically feature UV protective quartz and a secondary shroud surrounding the arc tube to prevent the scatter of glass in the event of a burst. This type meets the ANSI criteria for containment rated operation.

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