Nutrifield COCO Premium 50L

$45.00 NZD
Approx $27.78 USD


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New Shipping rates (anywhere in NZ including rural) 1 bag $15.00, 2 bags $20.00 3 Bags $25.00 4 bags $25.00 5 bags $40.00 6 bags $40.00 7 Bags $40.00 8 bags $60 , 9 Bags $60.00, 10 bags $80.00......starts today ends when the couriers put up their prices again.  NutrifieldĀ® Coco Premium Plant Medium has been awarded the highly coveted RHP certification for unsurpassed consistent quality, which ensures you get a product that gives optimum performance each and every time you use it. NutrifieldĀ® Coco Premium Plant Medium comes to you thoroughly rinsed, pre-buffered with Calcium, pH stabilised and has the lowest salt index in the industry, providing you with the optimum growing environment. The essential water to air ratio that NutrifieldĀ® Coco Premium Plant Medium gives plants an incredibly stable environment to prosper in and it is guaranteed free of pests and pathogens so you can use it with confidence.

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